Sutherland’s Crisis Management Team offers clients an experienced group of staff attorneys and contract lawyers focused on document and data work in high-stakes litigation and crisis situations.  Clients are interested in efficiencies and innovation in legal services, and many require the use of lower-rate contract attorneys rather than associates for document review projects. As a result, firms may scramble to assemble a temporary contract review team when the need arises, often resulting in a group that may satisfy cost expectations but rarely exhibits particular skill.  This scramble to identify goals, establish a hierarchy, train reviewers, evaluate quality and consistency, build technical capability, and create fee and insurance arrangements is time consuming and expensive. Sutherland has the people, structure, and resources to provide clients with lean, intelligent, and knowledgeable counsel the moment a crisis hits.

This  team approach brings a lawyer’s perspective to each decision, combining Sutherland’s training and supervision to ensure that the team provides cost-effective, thorough, and accurate work product. And unlike automated search routines or typical collections of contract reviewers, whose work product is often uneven and difficult to audit, this team operates under Sutherland’s supervision and quality assurance structure that assures consistency, accuracy, and thoroughness.

Sutherland requires high quality, efficient, and cost effective work from its staff and contract attorneys. Here are some of the team’s strengths:

The team’s recent accomplishments include: