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Partner Jack Massey Quoted in Midstream Business Magazine on Pipeline Safety

Posted on: May 19th, 2015

Sutherland Asbill & Brennan partner Jack Massey was quoted recently in Midstream Business magazine on the move toward tougher federal regulations for gas pipelines and trains carrying crude oil.

“What’s driving new regulations and change to regulations right now is public concern about safety, which stretches from Congress and regulators to industry and the people,” Mr. Massey told the magazine. “I think that concern will best be handled through strong collaboration between the regulators and industry. The industry’s done a very good job of being on the front end of safety regulation and adopting reasonable regulation, and I think that will continue.”

Mr. Massey noted that as more oil and gas moves through the expanding midstream system, and as towns and suburbs grow around formerly isolated pipelines, “the risk of incidents in high-consequence areas increases. That’s something that will hold the public eye and drive a regulatory and safety agenda.”

The article headlined, “Safety First, As a Rule” (subscription required), appears in the magazine’s April issue.